Each episode of Couplets is a unique blend of collaborative writing, collaborative performance, and live dialogue. Two poets — locked in mortal struggle and/or collegial mentorship for an entire month — plot an evening of response poems, renga, duets, live interview, writing exercises, shouting matches, elaborate period-costume satire, and utterly net-less poetic tennis. For one night only, they present this collaboration live! In full colour and surround-sound!

Free admission! Cash bar & book table! All donations go to the performers!

Upcoming in 2018: The Torontonian invasion!
ft. London poets, Toronto poets, & others in collaboration

March 29th: E Martin Nolan & Michelle Brown

April 26th: Jim Johnstone & Megan Arnold

+ seven more monthly events!

Couplets is generously hosted by The ARTS Project (203 Dundas St., London, ON) and organized by Andy Verboom. For announcements, like Couplets on Facebook, follow Couplets on Twitter, or visit The ARTS Project’s Couplets page.