What is Couplets?

Each episode of Couplets features an established (or ‘anchor’) poet and an emerging (or ‘wildcard’) poet. (Or, occasionally, a pair of co-anchors.) A month in advance, the pair begin collaborating on an evening of alternating readings, response poems, renga, duets, live interview, writing exercises, arguments, and general poetic tennis (net optional). Their episode is the culmination of this collaboration, a unique blend of dialogue and performance sparking in the gaps between two poets.

Couplets is organized by Andy Verboom and generously hosted by Brown & Dickson Antiquarian Booksellers in the creative space provided by 121 Studios (the second floor of 211 King Street, the old Novack’s building). Check Couplets Episodes or the Couplets FB page for details on the next episode. Admission is always free.

Couplets owes a great debt to the London Open Mic Poetry Night, of which it was initially an offshoot.