Episode 3: Monika Lee & Shelly Harder

Friday, July 29th, 6:30pm – 7:30pm @ Chapters (South), 1037 Wellington Road, London.

Monika Lee is a writer and literary scholar. Her collection Gravity loves the body was published by South Western Ontario Poetry Press in 2008 and her chapbook slender threads by EBIP and the Canadian Poetry Association in 2004. Individual poems have appeared in dozens of literary journals and anthologies. Her play “The Petting Zoo” has been performed as part of the Playwrights Cabaret at the McManus Theatre. She’s also published a book of literary criticism, Rousseau’s Impact on Shelley: Figuring the Written Self (1999), and scholarly articles on Shelley, nineteenth-century literature, Canadian literature, and creative writing. She teaches nineteenth-century British literature, creative writing, and other courses in the English Department at Brescia University College.

gravity loves the body… offers us rich, tactile images of a woman, mother, and lover: ‘[w]e are the petals of one flower.’ Lee never strays into easy summary or sentimentality. She refuses to hide behind language or obscure literary allusions. …Along with her, we nurse a baby in the bath, visit Marrakech, and lose a mother to death. Her humor, wit, and unflinching view make us trust her, and want to live in the richness of this book as long as possible.” —Emily Wall, Canadian Literature

Lee & Harder banner

Shelly Harder is a poet, teacher, gardener, student of literature, occasional tickler of piano keys, and dabbler in philosophy. Some of her work may be found at hardershelly.wordpress.com.

skin to skin is a collaborative text documenting our reading for Couplets. After juxtaposing and splicing together selections from our work during an evening of poetic improvisationthis conversation became a poem which was caught in paper and ink. Some of the poems stand whole, but they are diversely shadowed and tinted by coming into each other’s light. Others are grafted with lines we chose from each other’s work. The title piece merges two previously unacquainted poems, which immediately interlocked. These interweaving lines and poems form counterpoints from which new and surprising harmonies have coalesced.” —Monika Lee and Shelly Harder


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