Episode 9: Andy McGuire & Angie Quick

Thurs, May 25th, 6pm – 7pm | The ARTS Project, main gallery | 203 Dundas Street, London

Andy McGuire is the author of Country Club. He lives in Huron County.

Praise for Country Club

“An essential accompaniment to Armageddon.” —Winnipeg Free Press

“McGuire’s poetry challenges the traditional standard of delicate, understated harmony between a poem’s content and its form; instead it tries way too hard, breaks down, and refuses to give a shit.” —The Puritan

“Angry, yet charming, crassly educated and self-effacingly self-aggrandizing, Country Club is a balls-out, tits-up, what-the-fuck-are-we-all-doing-here romp through thirty-something ennui.” —Arc Poetry Magazine

McGuire & Quick banner

Angie Quick is known for her large oil paintings, which explore flesh in historical and contemporaneous manners. Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation within both visual and performative contexts. She has performed at Words Fest London and recorded with the band New Zebra Kid. She will be performing at Ocean of Silence: A Tribute to John Cage at Museum London this August.

Quick has recently participated in the group show Portraits, self and others (it’s complicated) at the McIntosh Gallery. Her upcoming solo show, In the future we will all be astronauts and abortion will be universally legal, opens May 23rd at The ARTS Project.


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