Episode 12: David Stones & Ryan Gibbs

Thurs, Aug 24th, 6pm – 7pm | The ARTS Project, main gallery | 203 Dundas Street, London

David Stones is a retired business executive taking a deep breath as a poet, performer, and spoken word artist. David published his first book of poetry, Infinite Sequels, in 2013 and subsequently transformed it into a highly successful one-man show of the same name. His second poetry collection, Such A Frail Book Of Endings, and a chapbook, On Turning Into Raymond Souster, both hit the streets later this year. David lives, writes, and performs in—and generally wanders about—both Stratford and Toronto.

Employing a range of poetic forms and undulations of mood and tempo, Stones’ poetry explores the full spectrum of human possibility. At once tender, raw, reassuring and unflinching, his work both tears and heals. No theme is too small, no observation too inconsequential, to escape the discerning eye and keen wit of this singular poetic voice. From love to anguish, from reprisal to forgiveness, from joy to sorrow, Stones casts a unique and understandably frail beam of illumination on the joyous, too-often pitted landscape of human experience.

Stones & Gibbs banner.jpg

Ryan Gibbs lives in London and is pursuing a PhD at Western. He works as an English professor and coordinator at Lambton College in nearby Sarnia, where he is a member of the After-Hours Poets and has read his poetry in the City Council as part of the nation-wide Mayor’s Poetry City Challenge. His poems have appeared in Tower Poetry, The Windsor Review, and the anthologies Under the Mulberry Tree and Whisky Sour City. His children’s poetry has been included in the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness.


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