Participate in Couplets

The more Couplets can provide collaboration and performance opportunities for poets of different self-identifications, the more valuable a reading series it can be. To that end, priority will be given to poets who choose to identify with any communities experiencing (or that have experienced) marginalization in Canadian culture and arts (on the basis of indigeneity, race, cultural background, nationality, religion, class, education, ability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or otherwise).

If you’re interested in participating in Couplets, email the Couplets matchmaker at Inquiries welcome from any of the following:

  • ‘Established’ poets! Do you have a significant publication record or significant experience with performance, teaching, or otherwise fostering poetry communities? Do you have the disposition to collaborate with another established or emerging poet? Are you from, living in, or touring through the London region? Yes, yes, and yes? Great! Talk to you soon.
  • ‘Emerging’ poets! Do you consider yourself an emerging poet? Are you interested in developing your skills by collaborating and performing with a more established poet? Are you from, living in, or willing to travel to London? Yes, yes, and yes? Great! Tell the matchmaker a bit about yourself.
  • Other people who make things! Do you do creative stuff with words or literally any other medium? Have you ever read a poem? Are you from, living in, or willing to travel to London? Great! Send an email explaining why Couplets is your idea of a good time.